Lynn Kass - Psychotherapy and Counseling Services, College Counselor

... As Co-Director of Greenhouse Psychotherapy Associates since 1975,

I have over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist and counselor. I work with individuals of all ages and lifestyles, and with couples, families, and groups.
I consult with organizations to clarify purpose, direction, and structure, and I coach individuals to develop respectful, effective communication styles.

... careful listening, compassion, and humor ...

I have an interactive style, and use careful listening, common sense,
compassion, and humor.

... inner strength and resilience ...

I've learned that people can re-energize themselves, break old habits, and solve problems both big and small, when they clear away confusion and listen to their inner self. We clarify future goals and life directions as we focus on inner strength and resilience.
When necessary, we look together at self-defeating patterns and examine disappointment, grief, anger, and relationship issues.

... stay on target ...

I encourage periodic evaluation to stay on target. I use a range of methods including developmental theories, humanistic approaches, cognitive-behavioral practices, expressive modalities, and family and couples communication theories.

I am an educational consultant and experienced college admissions counselor. I have worked with students and their families through all phases of the college application process.
I draw on years of experience to: